No New Grey Hair

Your 90 day journey starts now!

*Designed for delaying early greying of hair. Benefit lasts till the usage of product and basis daily usage for 90 days. Continue using even after greying slows down.

Just noticed your first grey hair?

If you’ve just spotted your first grey hair,
it's better to act immediately because more will soon follow.

Grey Hair

What is the reason for grey hair?

Hair gets its colour from a natural pigment called Melanin. Depleting melanin in hair roots is the reason people start getting grey hair. This can happen at any age. This is why many people often begin to develop grey hair even at a young age.

Grey Hair Causes

#Basis in-vitro & ex-vivo studies.
^ & *Basis clinical study. For delaying early greying (18-45yrs). Benefits last till product usage. Continue usage even after greying slows down.

How to Stop^ Grey Hair?

Timing is of utmost importance when dealing with grey hair. If you spot your first grey hair it is critical to act soon. And since the depleting melanin pigment is what causes greying, it’s necessary to find an apt hair treatment that increases melanin levels in the roots# and delays^ the appearance of greys^.

Delay Grey Hair